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September 27, 2023

The Awards Show Photos Are In!

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The Awards Show Photos Are In!

We’re honored to have worked with some of our industry’s best & brightest media creatives to capture these amazing pics of our night together. We’d like to thank the following photography & videography pros for their work with The Wammies this year!

Shane Redman of Cornerstone Captures (Sponsored by Whole Armor Security)

CLICK HERE to see your Step & Repeat Photos

Nate Payne (I.M.P., Nate Payne Photography)

CLICK HERE to see Nate’s Award Show Photos

Louis Tinsley & Walter Atta

CLICK HERE to see Louis’ Wammie Winner Photos w/ Walter’s Set Design

Shaughn Cooper (Ari Lennox, Broccoli City) & Apprentice Lysa Huffington

CLICK HERE to see Shaughn & Lysa’s Photos


The Wammie Awards programming is provided by The MusicianShip, a D.C.-based nonprofit that is focused on ‘Changing Lives with Music’. Proceeds from the Wammie Awards help support The MusicianShip’s free-of-charge music programs that serve nearly 2000 youth and continues to be a resource for local D.C. artists and musicians. In addition to the Wammie Awards, The MusicianShip oversees the DC Funk Parade and The Washington Youth Choir.

More information can be found at WammiesDC.org.



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