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Our Vision

Amplifying the heartbeat of our music community in the Washington Metropolitan Area by recognizing talent, celebrating achievements, and propelling the future of music.

Our Mission

To elevate the diverse musical tapestry of our community with The Wammie Music Awards, spotlighting artists' innovation and passion, and fostering a vibrant musical ecosystem.

About Us

The DMV is the beneficiary of world-class music creatives who enrich and inspire millions of people around the world.

In an effort to celebrate, honor, and uplift these creative heroes, The MusicianShip preserves and annually delivers: The Wammie Music Awards.

Since The MusicianShip’s acquisition of the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) in 2018, we have re-introduced & refined this storied community event, upholding its values, while infusing it with meaningful innovations and a contemporary flair that includes, and enriches, a diverse audience of art enthusiasts. As a 501(c)(3), focused primarily on music education for youth, The MusicianShip is excited to engage our Wammie Awards stakeholders to help us continue “Changing Lives with Music“.

Our Impact
By way of preserving and producing The Annual Wammie Music Awards, we celebrate, honor, and uplift local artists for the merit and impact of their work on DC music culture.  
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