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September 27, 2023

Last Days to Vote! Finalists & Tickets Coming Soon

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Washington DC - January 25, 2022

The MusicianShip 2022 Wammie Awards have received close to 1,000 nominations from music fans across
the Washington D.C. metropolitan region. January 31st will be the last day to vote for regional musicians and
artists who have released music and/or made an impact in the region’s music scene in 2021. All voters must
register an account and submit their final votes by 11:59 PM on Monday, January 31st.

Wammie Award Finalists

The Top 7 Nominees with the most votes from each award category will become Wammie Award Finalists.
Finalists will be announced to the public the first week of February and will be reviewed by 100+ regional music
industry judges for final scoring*. The Wammie Award Winners will be revealed at the Award Show on
March 26th at Capital Turnaround. Award Show Tickets will be on sale starting February 3rd on
WammiesDC.org. *If there are fewer than 2 nominees in a category, an award will not be issued.

Click here to Browse the Nominees
Click here to Register & Vote

2022 Wammie Awards Youth Impact

As we celebrate the region’s talent today, we support the musicians and changemakers of tomorrow. With the participation of The Wammie Award audiences, we aim to raise $5,000 for free music education programs at The MusicianShip.

To donate, please text Wammies to #44321 or make a gift on GiveLively.


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Download this Press Release: JAN 25 Wammies Press Release


Wammie Awards programming is provided by The MusicianShip, a D.C.-based nonprofit that is focused on ‘Changing Lives with Music’. Proceeds from the Wammie Awards help support The MusicianShip’s free-of-charge music programs that serve nearly 2000 youth and continues to be a resource for local D.C. artists and musicians. In addition to the Wammie Awards, The MusicianShip oversees the DC Funk Parade and The Washington Youth Choir.

More information can be found at WammiesDC.org.


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